Diagnostic ultrasound offers a non-invasive, pain-free, and safe view at your pet's internal health. We are pleased to offer this powerful diagnostic tool to our patients and their families.

Ultrasonography is the use of ultrasonic (high-frequency sound) waves to produce a picture of your pet's internal organs. First, your pet will be positioned on her back in a comfortable "V" shaped cushion. A conductive gel will be applied to her abdomen, and the doctor will then gently hold a small probe against your pet's skin. This probe sends out painless high-frequency sounds waves. These waves will bounce off of your pet's internal structures and be collected into an image by the ultrasound machine. We can view the size, shape, and even movement of your pet's internal organs with this technique.

Diagnostic ultrasound routinely helps us diagnose potential urinary tract issues, especially bladder stones. If your pet needs to submit a urine sample for analysis, the ultrasound machine can be an important tool in collecting a sterile sample, as well as giving us a glimpse into the health of her bladder. Ultrasonography can also help us diagnose a number of different ailments, including those affecting the liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, and some forms of cancer.

Ultrasonography is a very important component in our diagnostic toolbox, and integral to providing you and your pets the most complete and state of the art care possible.